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Our recent services can be viewed here, on Vimeo, and on Facebook. We hope these will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

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Baptist Heritage Conference

A series tracing the Baptist heritage back through history, not based on the name, but on the teachings of churches through the ages.

Guest Speaker Dr. Pierre Coovert, retired missionary to France, teaches this series. 

Dr. Coovert, examines the where Baptists came from, where we are now, and why it matters.

Practical Theology

What are the implications of our faith? How did we get the Bible? How do we apply the Bible's teachings to everyday life? These are all questions we answer in this series on "Practical Theology". First we look at how we got the Bible, manuscripts and translations, how to study the Bible, and then how it applies to our lives.

Things to Come: A Study in Revelations

A study in Revelations and the timing of events such as the rapture, tribulation and millennial kingdom.

1 John: Walking Confidently

A verse by verse study in 1 John and the confidence a believer can have in Christ.


A detailed look at Exodus from the plagues of Egypt and the answer to Pharaoh's question "Who is God and why should I obey Him?", to the detailed instructions for the tabernacle and how it represents Jesus Christ - the way for sinful man to come to the Holy God, and the giving of the law.

Real Christianity

In this Bible Study, we'll candidly and simply unpack what real Christianity is all about. Learn how you can embrace the grace, endure the struggle, and enjoy the relationship of truly knowing Jesus!